Reporting Bugs

We greatly appreciate all the effort users are willing to put into helping us find bugs and improve the game. There are a couple things that will improve our odds of being able to fix a bug you report.

The more precisely you can describe the problem, the more likely we are to be able to fix it. If you're not sure what to report, this essay on How to Report Bugs Effectively may be helpful (although some of it is overkill for a small program like ours; it's not all that complicated...)

If you have saved debugging information to a logfile (this is an option in the server setup), that logfile may be very useful to us. Please keep track of it so you can send it to us if we need it.

Finally, we'll do our best to keep a list of bugs that we already know about on this page. We have a very long to-do list of bugs to fix and improvements to make; your bug might already be on it, so please check first and make sure you're reporting a new bug.

Thanks again for your interest in improving the game! To report a bug, send us email.

Known Bugs

High memory usage can cause program to crash. (Cause known; fix is on the to-do list.)

Budget carryover values sometimes wrong in Round 3. (Cause known; fix will involve rebalancing event triggers and therefore will be deferred for a while.)

Advanced startup features not yet implemented. (On to-do list.)

UI can get confused during updates and when switching screens. (This is usually the Java swing library's fault, but if you find a problem you can reproduce reliably, please report it.)