Click here to download the game: ddhl-20071105.jar

Latest version: 11/05/2007

Other Downloads

Reviewer jarfile This is a program that will let you review the final debriefing from a game after it is finished.
To run it: java -jar reviewer-version.jar filename.xml

Observer jarfile This is a non-playing client that an instructor can use to watch a game.

Introductory Poster This is an introductory poster about the game presented at workshops in the summer of 2006. (large format PDF, 27 MB)

Design Poster This is a poster about the game and its design presented at the Serious Games Summit 2005. (large format PDF, 23 MB)

DD Presentation Slides used in talks about the game given in November of 2005. (PowerPoint)

Download archive Older versions of the game.