Instructors' Index

This page contains materials for instructors who are interested in using the Hurricane Landfall game in a classroom setting.

Teaching Introduction provides a preliminary overview of Hurricane Landfall from a teaching perspective and outlines the game's numerous and varied potential applications for the classroom.

Teaching Points explains a number of possible teaching points in detail and links them to various aspects of gameplay. It also describes debriefing exercises for the classroom.

Using Single-Player Mode explains how to use single-player mode to run the game as an offline exercise. This is a good alternative approach if you cannot have each student play the game individually.

Under the Hood explains in detail how the game works, with details about various algorithms used, what effects different game elements have, and the motivation behind the game design. It is intended as a reference to help instructors understand the workings of the game engine.

You can also read a Serious Games Source interview with designer Seth McGinnis to learn more about the game's design.

Observer jarfile The "observer" jarfile is a special version of the client that can be used to by an instructor to observe an ongoing game. The observer can send messages in the chat, but does not take part in gameplay. Start the observer like the normal game client, select the game you want to observe, then select any role in the game and click "join".

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